Benjamin Obdyke has been providing high-quality roof and wall building solutions since 1868. Their partnerships with builders and contractors requires unique accounting and customer management. The decision to buy an ERP solution was driven by the need for a CRM solution. The primary focus initially was cost and value as their old systems were getting cost prohibitive. The key value was integration between systems.

Learn about how Admiral deployed the integration with Dynamics ERP and CRM as well as Outlook and the Microsoft Office products. Hear about the customer service that Admiral has provided in translating the needs of the business to the capabilities of the software.
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Aaron Sorenson: I am Aaron Sorenson with Admiral Consulting Group and today we are talking with Tara Murray from Benjamin Obdyke. Great to have you as a client and great to talk to you today.

Tara Murray: Glad to be here.

Aaron Sorenson: Benjamin Obdyke has been a client with Admiral Consulting Group for about 3 years and has been using Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP. But, first Tara maybe you could just tell us a little bit about the company Benjamin Obdyke.

Tara Murray: Sure. So, Benjamin Obdyke is a building products manufacturer, we have been around since 1868. So, it’s a really long time, long history but we actually started in the roof drainage business. Benjamin Obdyke himself was the inventor of the corrugated downspouts, but we have since gone away from that part of the business. So now we are really manufacturing roof and wall product solutions. So, really focusing on roof ventilation and moisture management.

Aaron Sorenson: What were some of the conditions at Benjamin Obdyke that made you feel like you needed a new ERP and CRM system?

Tara Murray: Well, the decision to sort of launch into a new ERP system was really driven by needing a new CRM system and recognizing that some of the costs involved with our current ERP and CRM systems were starting to get cost-prohibitive in terms of the value we were then getting out of it. So, really that was a joint decision to sort of replace both and hopefully looking for one that integrated well with each other.

Aaron Sorenson: So, you probably you had lots of options. What was it about Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM that made you feel like that was the good fit for Benjamin Obdyke?

Tara Murray: The big attraction to Dynamics was really the fact that the CRM Dynamics integrates well with GP, Great Plains but also with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite and particularly outlook. So, it terms of a learning curve for the people here was really shortening that learning curve because everybody is familiar with using word and outlook but also seeing a lot of capabilities in that functionality as well.

Aaron Sorenson: Okay. So, you have been working with Admiral for about 3 years now, can you tell us about that experience?

Tara Murray: Sure. Experience has been great – as they are always there when we need them. The technical knowledge is very high so there is – I don’t think there’s been any time that we have asked the question and you know, you guys haven’t been able to answer that or get us an answer very quickly. And, I think what’s really important is understanding what we do as a company and being able to translate that to the capabilities of a software system where we can do all of this stuff but really this is what you should be using for your business. I think that’s really the value that you guys bring.

Aaron Sorenson: So, the last question maybe one of the most important. Would you recommend Admiral for other organizations and why is that?

Tara Murray: Absolutely and I have done that already. in helping some of our fellow people in the industry with implementing their own CRM systems we have felt that the service from Admiral has been great, the technical competency is there plus the customer service. So, we would recommend to anyone trying to implement, whether it is ERP or CRM system, to look to your guys for support there.

Aaron Sorenson: Great. Well, Tara, we value you as a client and we look forward to your continued success with Dynamics GP and CRM. Thank you.

Tara Murray: Thank you.

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