New Jersey-based Krowne Metal Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel underbar equipment, backbar refrigeration, refrigeration accessories, foodservice faucets, gas hoses, and hand sinks. The company, now in its 70th year, remains family owned and its products are made in the U.S.A.

Dependent on Dynamics GP as its primary order entry interface, though, was only taking the company so far. While robust, the solution lacked fail-safes and checks and balances, leading CSRs to skip steps for the sake of convenience. The company knew it needed to improve order processing efficiency, shrink the number of steps involved in order entry, automate routine tasks, and move product from order to invoice much more expediently. But its product line is complex, and any move would likely entail costly and time-consuming customizations.

After discussing these goals and challenges with Admiral Consulting Group, the team at Admiral analyzed options and presented demos of the three top potential solutions. Of those, decision-makers at Krowne chose Cavallo SalesPad, a solution that could integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP and extend capabilities to better manage operations, control and track inventory, process and route orders faster, and automate invoicing.

Once implemented, processes that were once manual became automated—dramatically increasing the volume of orders being processed in a day. Employee adoption rates and gross margin grew as well. New workflows cut customer service call time from five minutes on average to just two, and the number of clicks during order processing were cut by 60 percent. Overall, the company gained greater flexibility without the need for huge customizations.

Krowne’s partnership with Admiral Consulting enabled transformational growth while working seamlessly within their existing framework. Read more in the full case study.

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