AG Semiconductor, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, and a leading provider of second-hand electronics, buys and sells used semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Hear how AG Semiconductor, comprised of 7 companies worked with Admiral to deploy IZON Business with Alerts to view data from Microsoft Dynamics all in a single dashboard.
Learn about the unique requirements that AG Semiconductor had and how IZON met those needs.
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Aaron Sorenson: I am Aaron Sorenson with Admiral Consulting Group and today we’re in Stamford, CT talking with Roger Nicholson with AG Semiconductor. Roger, great to talk to you today.

Roger Nicholson: Hey nice to see you Aaron.

Aaron: AG Semiconductor has been using IZON Business with Alerts from Admiral for a couple of years now. And before we get into that Roger, maybe you just tell us a little bit about the company AG Semiconductor?

Roger: Sure. AG Semiconductor, we buy and sell used semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We have a portfolio of about seven different companies we manage the inventory for. We are one of the largest companies in the world to do that and we have two main locations one in China and one in Nijmegen.

Aaron: So Roger what were some of the reasons you were looking for a dashboard type solution to give you better access to data rather than going through your accounting system?

Roger: It had to do with our inventory module. There is five companies that had inventory in and it’s difficult to log in and out of each company to figure out what inventory you have in stock. Where, IZON came in and provided a great solution. With one snapshot I can see all companies in one view.

Aaron: So you’ve been using IZON for the last couple of years, what’s that experience been like?

Roger: It’s very good, it’s very efficient gives you good quick picture of an overview of what’s happening.

Aaron: So what’s your experience in working with IZON and the service and support that you get on that product?

Roger: Well, it’s very good. Our company is somewhat unique in the specific inventory aspects that we needed, and we’ve got the

programming that was done at Admiral was excellent. They provided the report, I checked and make sure it was okay, went back and forth and once it’s up and running, I’ve had no issues with it.

Aaron: So Roger, would you recommend IZON Business with Alerts to other organizations that would need access to their data outside their accounting system?

Roger: Yes I would, it’s been very helpful on our inventory management. You get to download into excel and you can manipulate excel to whatever you want at that point?

Aaron: So we would like to thank you for talking to us today. We very much appreciate you as a client and thanks very much.

Roger: Thank you and I enjoy working with Admiral. It’s been a great experience for us.


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