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Whether you run a small, family-owned bakery or support a multimillion-dollar corporate entity, your profitability hinges on your operational efficiency. Admiral Consulting Group’s food and beverage software team implements solutions that meet your unique and far-reaching needs.


Discover solutions for

  • Accounting
    Ensure the accuracy of your financial information and gain ongoing insight into materials, production and labor costs.
  • Customer Service
    Superior customer service is the difference between thriving and simply surviving. CRM tools with strong links to financial management or ERP software help you deliver the kind of customer satisfaction that builds your business.
  • Inventory Control
    When freshness counts, exact inventory is essential. With inventory control software, reduce spoilage and eliminate downtime by accurately forecasting when inventory needs to be replenished.
  • Purchasing
    Anticipate raw-material shortages using a production schedule, calculating shortages by item and day, and take into account both lead time and safety stock. In addition, evaluate the quality of your vendors and make adjustments as needed.
  • Lot Traceability
    Automate product tracking and tracing from supplier to retailer.
  • Quality Control
    Store and track all test results and data by batch and formula. Formulas requiring higher-than-standard adjustment are effortlessly identified.
  • Production Control
    Completely integrate your manufacturing and accounting data. Batch tickets are maintained in a centralized system according to your master formula so that every material substitution or operational change is reflected in all subsequent batches of the formula. Easily track actual raw-materials usage and make adjustments to ensure that you meet your shipping dates.
  • Production Planning
    Make your master schedule available company-wide, allowing your entire team to see completed, in-process or delayed batch processes and make adjustments as necessary.
  • R&D Costing
    Forget manual calculations. Trying to reconcile raw-materials costs with current inventory value is not only time-consuming, but also error-prone. Admiral’s food and beverage software computes values for you whenever you concoct a new recipe.

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Software Implementation Resources

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Tips for Microsoft OneDrive Set-up and Management


Have you ever wondered what OneDrive is and how to use it?

Put simply, OneDrive is a personal cloud storage solution offered by Microsoft and pre-loaded on every Windows 10 computer. You might’ve noticed it during set-up or as an icon stowed alongside other folders in File Explorer. Like comparable cloud storage solutions, OneDrive lets you backup important files, share files, collaborate with teams, work remotely, and more.


Top Benefits of OneDrive:

  • Convenient file backup and storage - simply store files in File Explorer under OneDrive instead of “This PC” to ensure they’re automatically backed up and synchronized from your network to your OneDrive private cloud account.
    When you need to pull up a file or work on it from home or on the road, you can do so easily on any Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, or Mac whether using the OneDrive app or an Internet browser. Any changes you make to that file on OneDrive will be mirrored across all platforms!


  • Automatic login on Windows 10 devices - when you sign in to your computer. If you don’t use Windows 10 or Office 2016, you can download OneDrive for Windows here and follow the simple instructions for set-up.
    Once installed, simply drag and drop files or folders from “This PC” to OneDrive in File Explorer to sync them to the cloud. Files or folders moved to OneDrive will be accessible on your local hard drive and by secure login on the web or through any device with the OneDrive app installed.


  • Work with other Microsoft apps & services - in its most recent update, Microsoft added team sharing, comment notifications, increased upload file size limits, improved file security and governance, plus a more streamlined admin experience


As you get familiar with OneDrive, you’ll see that it provides so much more than merely file storage. To make sure you are getting the most from your Microsoft subscriptions, book training sessions with a Microsoft expert from Admiral Consulting! We offer one on one training sessions or small group sessions. Get a training agenda customized to your organization's needs and the support you need to fully adopt new technologies and processes.


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