MetLife Stadium is the number one stadium in the world and home to the New York Jets and New York Football Giants. Even during the off-season, MetLife is a hub of activity for entertainment seekers, playing host to top talent like Beyonce & Sir Paul McCartney.  

MetLife Runs on Dynamics SL

Behind the scenes, MetLife uses Dynamics SL for project accounting. According to Rob Doster, Director of Application Services, “All events here, from the Super Bowl to a private corporate meeting, are a project. Dynamics makes it extremely efficient to code revenues and expenses to both projects and the GL without any wasted effort or errors that come along with redundant entry.”

For Doster, the biggest benefit of using Dynamics SL to run projects at MetLife is, “Efficiency.  The finance staff is the same size as when we purchased the system despite changing and growing needs, and they are able to quickly adapt when there is a change.  All this without additional costs to modify the system once the initial implementation was complete.”

As an example, before Football season starts, MetLife enters preseason just like their teams. Preseason is the time when the teams first see what they have both on the field, and off. This is an opportunity for the stadium personnel to test new initiatives, IT related and otherwise, as they get their first action with the public in the building, providing a window for evaluation and fine tuning before opening day. Dynamics supports this evaluation, as Doster notes, “Because it {Dynamics SL} is MS SQL based we are able to customize reports to our department heads giving them efficient self-service budget vs actual reporting that they need to run their departments.”

MetLife Stadium Keeps Growing

MetLife Stadium is a world class NFL venue. It’s the only NFL stadium to host at least 20 games a year for two different teams. It has also ranked as Billboard’s top grossing outdoor venue in the world for 5 out of the 6 years since opening in 2010. Doster says, “We excel at hosting NFL events, but that expertise spills over into hosting world class talent for soccer and music as well, with great success.”

To support these projects MetLife relies on the powerful functionality of Microsoft Dynamics SL and the support of Admiral Consulting Group. As Doster notes, “…the project budgeting and flexible billings pieces were a direct match with how we saw the organization operating.”

As the organization looks to the months and years ahead, each season brings with it new hopes for the teams.  Doster concludes, “Despite everything else we do and are fortunate enough to host, we are first and foremost a football stadium and I am a huge football fan. There is nothing quite like a Patriots vs Jets or Cowboys vs Giants game.”

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