Whether you are new to GoDaddy Office 365 or you’ve been using it for years, once you realize that the version of Office 365 you have is squeezing the life from your productive possibilities, it’s too late to turn back. You can’t just cancel GoDaddy and switch to Microsoft 365. GoDaddy wouldn’t be the mega company they are today if they let everyone go free so easily.

Sure, there are some built-in bonus elements along with a lower purchasing price. But once locked in, as you can see, there are many drawbacks, leaving you disappointed and in search of a way out.

Where did things go wrong?

Touted as a “strategic partnership” that brought exclusive benefits to GoDaddy customers, the deal is actually full of hidden caveats, such as stripped-down features, log-in complexities, and limited data security.

Not only does GoDaddy’s version come with reduced functionality, but users are required to log in through GoDaddy’s designated interface where accounts are not afforded the protection of two-step or multi-factor authentication, thus exposing intellectual property to serious breach through phishing scams and cyber-attacks.

Beyond this, users are taken into a convoluted loop whenever they needed to reset their password. When calling on GoDaddy’s technical support team, you may get deferred to Microsoft’s support line, though Microsoft will not assist with GoDaddy’s Office 365 issues.

Making matters worse, clients who try to migrate off the platform or switch to Microsoft’s official full-featured solution are up against a myriad of complications and delays. The migration process, even when managed by a trained IT technician, can take days to complete. Those business owners who take it upon themselves to root around in Outlook and attempt to do it themselves are asking for trouble. Especially if you happen to have deployed the widely adopted Teams platform for workspace collaboration. And after a year or more of remote work, who hasn’t?

Stuck with GoDaddy Office 365?

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We can help

But you need to buy Visio or Project Online, and GoDaddy doesn’t offer those subscriptions. You want the full power and breadth of the Microsoft 365 Admin center to deploy proper security protocols. You are curious about how the Microsoft Azure platform can support your digital transformation to get data from your on-premise severs to the Cloud. You are looking for a replacement to QuickBooks so you can grow your business with a robust accounting and operations package and you want a trial for Business Central. None of this is available on GoDaddy Office 365. So, what can you do?

Work with a trusted Microsoft partner to help you unstick from GoDaddy, break free of their restrictive login portal, and enjoy unfettered access to the rich ecosystem of tools and services available with Microsoft 365 – without the headache of the traditional migration process.

Stuck with GoDaddy Office 365?

Move to Microsoft 365 today - and get a discount on the migration! Complete this form to learn more about our limited time offer.

Small business owners cannot afford a security breach, nor the budget typically required to successfully migrate off GoDaddy. But Admiral Consulting is adept in helping clients of GoDaddy’s Office 365 safely and efficiently move to Microsoft 365 while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Learn more about our hassle-free service by speaking with an Admiral executive today.