If you’ve done your homework on ERP implementation, you know that the setup costs alone can be upwards of $100,000 depending on the solution scale and the complexity of your business.

If that’s not in the cards right now, but you’ve already outgrown your existing tools – it’s time to check out Business Central.

One of the most attractive features of Business Central is the low, low price tag. Very appealing for companies looking to implement an ERP on a budget, Business Central starts at just $70 per user with no user minimums. It’s an easily affordable solution, especially for businesses that are just starting out.

However, startups that have the cash flow to handle a low monthly software subscription may not have the coffers to fund an expensive ERP implementation on day one.

That’s where Admiral Consulting Group can help. We offer a range of ERP implementation plans for Business Central to meet any budget. You can choose to start with a very basic setup plan and transition to support as you configure and deploy more of the solution internally. Or, opt for a bit more hand holding up front by purchasing a block of hours to get you going.

Built for Scalability

Business Central is uniquely designed to enable this kind of implementation experience.

Other ERP products require a huge amount of effort upfront for configuration and have complex deployment and infrastructure requirements. Business Central however is a pure cloud-based solution that sits as an app on the Microsoft Office 365 platform so it takes just a few minutes for your Microsoft partner to spin up a new tenant.

The base package has everything you need to get started and you can add functionality as you grow quickly and easily.


Microsoft is supporting the journey for Business Central end users too with a wealth of free resources:

With over a decade of experience implementing Business Central’s predecessor, Dynamics NAV, Admiral has implemented hundreds of clients on the Dynamics platform and leverages that experience to deliver results and value.

Whatever your needs are and however you want to approach it, our flexible team of experienced Business Central consultants are available to help you implement on your terms.

Get started today. Let us know that you want to learn more and an Admiral consultant will reach out to you soon.