If you’ve considered migrating to the cloud but are hesitant to take the leap, there’s never been a better time to test those waters. Microsoft’s newest Bridge to the Cloud promotion launched September 1st provides legacy Dynamics’ users all of the benefits of the cloud while maintaining their existing on-premise system. And you enjoy this at no additional cost.

Not only can users of legacy Dynamics products hosted on servers on site at their location now test drive Microsoft’s cloud-based system, Dynamics 365 Business Central, simultaneously but they also enjoy a few added perks. Take for example bundled enhancement benefits for your on-premise solution, easing payments from one annual Enhancement Plan expense to 12 monthly installments. While the total amount you pay remains the same, you have the option to spread the fee comfortably throughout the year. And if additional users are needed in the cloud, you can also add those under this offer at no additional cost, up to a certain amount.

This promotion also allows for dual-access rights and the ability to downgrade if you choose to keep your legacy system after your trial. Making the transition significantly smoother, organizations now have the ability to enjoy the freedom of the cloud while maintaining their comfortable safety net for one full year with the option to renew for an additional three years.

The perks to working on the cloud are innumerable—from the enhanced security and peace of mind in knowing patches are handled automatically by Microsoft to the significant cost savings in maintenance and upkeep of on-premise software and equipment. But Microsoft’s offer only runs through June 30, 2022. So contact Admiral Consulting Group today to see if Bridge to the Cloud is right for your organization.