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Manufacturing Management Software

For Streamlined Supply Chains & Improved Operations

Manufacturers face tough challenges. You need a new breed manufacturing-1.jpgof reliable tools to help you meet your daily needs. Flexibility, continuous improvement and superb customer service are the key differentiators in your industry – which is why manufacturing management software becomes so crucial.


Admiral Consulting Group has the experience and knowledge to help you develop operational excellence with flexible, customized and intuitive business software solutions.

We Accelerate & Improve Business Processes By:

  • Introducing new products more quickly
  • Managing inventory more effectively & reducing manufacturing costs
  • Improving post-sales operations
  • Increasing sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Reducing order-to-delivery time & developing more accurate demand forecasts


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Discrete Manufacturing

In the wake of increased global competition, discrete manufacturers face shorter product lifecycles, unpredictable demand, rapid outsourcing and price erosion. If you are to overcome these challenges, you must be empowered to make rapid, accurate decisions using real-time data from internal and external sources, more effectively meeting customer demands and lower costs.

  • Improve Your Supply Chain
    Increase visibility throughout the value chain, track and manage your global inventory levels and make fast and accurate decisions with real-time data.
  • Cut Time To Market
    Streamline the transfer of customer demand information and shorten development cycles by integrating product development throughout your organization.
  • Enhance Collaboration
    Innovate through greater collaboration with your customers and suppliers, and increase the speed of your product development.

Process Manufacturing

The fast pace of the process manufacturing industry requires instant data access, but you must also conform to industry regulations. By combining the needs of process-based and traditional discrete manufacturers, Admiral delivers a suite of manufacturing management software to marry yields, lot control and scalability with discrete processes.

Utilizing the most suitable manufacturing management software, Admiral Consulting Group helps you with:

  • Traceability & Inventory Management
    Leverage perpetual inventory management for real-time insight into product levels, lot trace and more.
  • Productivity & Quality
    View yield information and labor productivity, measure quality of raw materials and finished goods by setting up your own tests and keep potentially low-quality products from leaving the floor.

Bolster Your Manufacturing Operation

“Metallia has been a client of Admiral Consulting Group for many years. We have used them for all our IT and business application needs, including servers and workstations, email, Office suite, accounting and custom development. Each area has been successfully upgraded several times, giving us the advantage of more productive technology without disrupting daily business. Our success depends on having a reliable service provider with a capable staff who understands the importance of meeting expectations and timetables. That is exactly what Admiral is to us.”
Avy Buchen, Metallia U.S.A., LLC

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