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How big data analytics provide personalized customer experience

Big data itself is a huge chunk of meaningless data, until it is analyzed and crunched into structured sets. Yet, the process of analyzing this meaningless data to reveal patterns, trends, and ...
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Predicting ocean chemistry using Microsoft Azure

Taylor Shellfish, a company that farms oysters in ocean waters off the coast of Washington, uses Azure to provide them with insights into the chemical levels of the ocean to predict the needs of the ...
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3 Reasons Why Cloud Is Driving Business Efficiency

This article covers the advantages provided to organizations that implement cloud services for enhanced effectiveness through technology. At the top of the list of benefits are scalability and ...
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Top e-retailer ASOS bets big on Azure to power a stellar digital experience for its 12 million customers.

In this clip, Admiral Consulting Group looks behind the scenes at how Microsoft Azure powers online retailers like ASOS, a leading fashion destination, in providing stellar customer service. By ...
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