“Microsoft stands by its customers at every stage of their lifecycle.”

As a Microsoft customer, have you ever wondered what that means exactly? If you are like most Dynamics users, your primary point of contact is your Microsoft partner – not Microsoft directly. When you need support, you submit a ticket with your partner. When it’s time to upgrade, you go to your partner. When the business grows and your needs change, it’s your partner who steers the conversation.

So, what value does Microsoft offer? Quite a bit actually! It all starts with your Microsoft Service & Support Plan. This plan has many names. You may know it as your “Microsoft Maintenance Plan” or “Microsoft Annual Renewal” or “Enhancement Plan.”

In a nutshell, Microsoft Dynamics service plans offer customers support and the latest software releases.

Here are the primary service plan benefits you’ll want to take advantage of to get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics solution:


Your central source for self help resolution, expert insights, proactive tools, and an explanation of the service plan benefits available to you.

CustomerSource is a unified, one-stop portal with a wealth of information, including selfdirected support, downloads, productivity tools, and a community of industry experts and peers. Access product specific information for each Microsoft Dynamics product line, including news, presentations, fact sheets and more. Click here for instructions on how to access CustomerSource for the first time or ask your partner for help.

New Version Rights and Updates

One of the most valuable benefits of your Microsoft Maintenance Plan is the ability to take advantage of periodic system updates and new version rights for your solution. Microsoft invests heavily in research and development, so keeping your business on the latest version available means benefiting from new features and capabilities and staying on the leading edge of technology.

Log on to CustomerSource to access the following:

  • Stay Current with Service Packs and Product Releases
  • Download Service Packs & Hotfixes
  • Tax and Regulatory Updates. Self-Service
  • Participate in the Microsoft Dynamics Community—Post your questions and review answers from other customers, MVPs, and Microsoft engineers.
  • Subscribe to Blogs—Sign up for the latest blog posts that address your specific interests.
  • Search Knowledgebase—Search for information on any topic regarding your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Transition Investment Credit

This benefit gives you the flexibility and security in your Microsoft Dynamics solution choice. If your needs change, you can apply your full license credit to any of the other Microsoft Dynamics solutions that best fit your requirements.

Protected List Price

The unsung hero of the Microsoft Maintenance Plan, the protect list price feature provides more accurate predictability in budgeting for service plan renewal year after year, and protects your system list price as the basis of future renewals.

Support Lifecycle

During the term of your service plan coverage you will have access to all service packs and hotfixes Microsoft releases for your Microsoft Dynamics product during the Mainstream Support Phase, as long as you are current on Enhancement. The Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy provides consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability when a product releases and throughout that product’s life.

Click here to check the support lifecycle for your Dynamics solution.

Problem Resolution Support

Each Microsoft Maintenance plan offers different levels of support. Download the following brochures to understand the different options.

To identify your current service plan, as well as how many support incidents you have remaining (if applicable), click here.

As you can see, Microsoft offers much more than initially meets the eye. If you have questions on how to take advantage of these tools, let’s find a time to connect!