Time To Take Your Wholesale CRM Software To The Cloud?

Time To Take Your Wholesale CRM Software To The Cloud?

Wholesale distribution software today may be customized to fit your business, integrating a full solution that offers everything from supply chain management to workflow management to customer management.

In the realm of customer relationship management, the advantages of embracing CRM software as a wholesale distributor have been documented:

  • Smoother pipeline management with clear insight into sales cycles, close percentages by employee and lead opportunities
  • Stronger management of contacts and e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Better database of customer and prospect information – from sales quotes to purchase histories

But, what is impacting wholesale distributors to shift from hosting this software on premises to hosting it in the cloud?

  • Added financial expenses and time to involve your IT team in the installation and integration of an on-premises solution, plus the ongoing upgrades and software maintenance
  • Increased costs involved in hosting technology, along with storing and backing up critical data
  • Higher business risk associated with an in-house technology failure or server disruption

As your business grows, your software needs change – not only in form, but also in function. For some wholesale distributors, a cloud-based CRM software offers more advantages than on-premises software.

The Larger Benefits Of Cloud-Based CRM Software

The organizational insights and process improvements inherent in cloud CRM software for wholesale distribution companies are similar to its on-premises counterpart. But, the business impact of a cloud solution is heightened for a few reasons:

  • Mobile Compatibility: Enable salespeople and off-site employees to complete various tasks and stay up to date on product availability, order status, credit status, etc.

  • Scalability: Taking long-term business needs into account, you ensure that your cloud-based CRM software is always compatible with the most recent technology in the market, and upgrades are performed automatically.

  • Up-Selling Opportunities: Business dashboards and alerts to identify buying patterns and potential delivery problems in the field enhance your ability to deal with customers directly.

  • Improved Workflows: Automation of distribution processes and tasks within labor-intensive projects guarantees that best practices drive business performance.

Above all, cloud-based CRM software gives you greater power, efficiency and flexibility as a wholesale distributor while unifying your customer touch points under a single business management software solution.

If It’s Not Industry-Specific, It’s Not You

Why waste time trying out a solution that may not be relevant to your specific business?

Options like NetSuite provide cloud-based business management software suites that streamline wholesale distribution operations – inventory management, warehouse management, supply chain management, shipping automation, customer relationship management and financial management – for full front-to-back office synchronization.

Isn’t it time you took a different approach to your wholesale distribution software needs?

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