Take Control Of Your Business With Distribution Software

Take Control Of Your Business With Distribution Software

Insufficient distribution software creates unhappy customers and unprofitable businesses. Some of the struggles that suffering wholesale distribution companies face include:

  • Manual and inaccurate order processing
  • Lack of customer information
  • Cash flow issues due to poor collections
  • Inaccurate inventory visibility
  • Inability to forecast inventory changes
  • No view into placed vendor orders
  • Margins that are too low with no data for intelligent improvements
  • The list of shortcomings may continue, but the end result is the same: You need a new software solution that integrates with your entire business.

Whatever Challenge You Face, There’s A Solution

Wholesale distribution companies face many challenges. For every challenge, there’s a solution – with new processes bolstered by distribution software. Below are some common challenges and their solutions:

  • Lack Of Inventory Visibility: Warehouse management is especially difficult when there’s a lack of real-time data showing inventory availability across distribution centers and vendors.
    Solution: A singular view of inventory is possible through a robust ERP system in conjunction with compatible wholesale distribution software. The right system consolidates orders and inventory. Plus, distribution software provides historical sales data for better inventory control during slow and busy seasons.
  • Communication Breakdown: If your business is spread across time zones, currencies and software systems, valuable information gets lost in translation.
    Solution: An integrated software solution links sales orders, invoices and inventory levels. Real-time information between systems is vital for day-to-day operations, as you can’t afford to wait for data to make a decision under time constraints.
  • Tight Margins: Some customers expect volume discounts and promotions, even when your margins are tight.
    Solution: How do you keep track of complex pricing while sustaining desirable discount policies? Upgrade to a software system that does all of this so you don’t have to.
  • Workflow Delay: Do you sell and distribute through multiple channels? Workflows that are spread across systems aren’t in sync, causing headaches and delays.
    Solution: An integrated ERP system allows your business to set workflow rules for customer and vendor orders by sales type. Manage orders and provide consistency regardless of how your customers order.
  • Software Specialization Needs: Your wholesale distribution company and processes are unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all software solution, and you know it.
    Solution: Pick a software partner who has experience in your industry and is able to supply you with references regarding implementation history. If a potential partner isn’t concerned with combing through the underbelly of your business for a better understanding of your software needs, shop elsewhere.

Change Today Or Miss Revenue Opportunities

Companies implementing wholesale distribution software specifically for their needs and industry benefit from the following advantages:

  • Quick access to customer information
  • Improved receivables
  • Upsell ability due to increased inventory visibility
  • Inventory replenishment capabilities based on sales in previous seasons
  • Streamlined order entry
  • Efficient, real-time container tracking
  • Vendor performance reports

As a wholesale distributor, the key to being competitive is efficient shipping. Speed and accuracy are no longer competitive advantages ­– they’re standard.

Without the right distribution software, your business will never go head to head with your competitors. Embrace today’s newest technology to give your customers what they want while protecting and enhancing your bottom line.

Are you currently operating distribution software through disparate systems, or are you looking to research your options for a fresh solution? Regardless of your scenario, Admiral Consulting Group has experience helping businesses in a variety of industries identify their immediate distribution needs and provide technology to help them fulfill those needs.


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