Advanced Allocations for Dynamics GP

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Advanced Allocations for Dynamics GP

Operational excellence is sometimes difficult to achieve with basic software alone. Considering the uniqueness and complexity of your company, you may need a tailored and comprehensive system of additional plug-ins and business software solution add-ons to substantially improve business processes.

Admiral Consulting Group has developed several operations management solutions that work with other software to create a foolproof system of efficiency.

Advanced Allocations For Dynamics GP

For companies that have complex allocation needs, Admiral’s Advanced Allocations solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP dramatically increases the efficiency of producing accurate departmental or divisional financial statements, whether allocating to entire departments or in tiers.

Make simple operational process improvements, with the ability to:

  • Define source accounts by list or range
  • Leave original accounts intact with “offsets”
  • Process tiered allocations
  • Allocate transactions
  • Target account masking
  • Run trial allocations

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Admiral Consulting Group provides proven business software solutions to growth, midsize and small enterprise clients who are evaluating solutions to improve operations management within their organizations. We proudly reccommend Admiral Software Solutions Advanced Allocations for Dynamics GP​