Power BI Report Pack for Dynamics GP

Power BI turns Dynamics GP data into Smart Decisions

What is a Power BI Report Pack?

A Report Pack is a set of pre-built interactive Power BI dashboards that improve visibility into critical business data from Dynamics GP so you make faster, more informed decisions for your organization.

Analyze and visualize your data from Microsoft Dynamics GP with Power BI, available anywhere, on any device. See charts, graphs, and projections of your company’s future financial standings at a glance.


Creating custom reports can be complicated and costly, but with our pre-built Power Pack you can be up and running in days.

By analyzing your constantly changing data you can determine:

  • which items are the most profitable
  • which accounts owe you money
  • where your sales are the strongest
  • where you have the potential to lose money

And it's so very easy to use.

Simply type a request in a Dashboard like “Show me Customer Sales Revenue grouped by City, State and Zip” and you’ll return a stunning, interactive visualization or report as an answer. With the Power BI Power Pack, you type in a request and get the right charts, graphs and reports as your response.

Over 400 current GP users were polled to determine which dashboards were most critical for users like you. Plus, you can drill down into the details on each dashboard allowing you to interact with the data and surface the information that matters most.

Which pack is right for me?

We offer two packs for Dynamics GP users to choose from:

Report Pack Premiere
Designed for companies who crave insights on the entire operation from AP, AR and GL to Project Management, Sales, Inventory and Balance Sheets/P&L. Perfect for manufacturers and distributors!

Report Pack Basic
A scaled back version, this pack focuses on dashboards for financial analysis only covering AP, AR and GL.

There is no limit to what you can do with your data in Power BI. At a fraction of the cost for a full-blown BI system, our Power BI Report Packs are a cost effective solution for data visualization and reporting for Dynamics GP data.

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