Painless Business Process Improvement Starts With This One Action

Painless Business Process Improvement Starts With This One Action

You’re struggling to scale, and you’re not able to figure out why. Is it your technology? Is it customer service? Is it costs?

Sometimes the problem is difficult to pinpoint. But the first step toward discovering the source of your growth problem is admitting that you have one. Then, you must take a look at your business from the bottom up.

Outline every business process. Leave no workflow untouched. This first action sets the course for painless process improvement.

ERP Software: Your Business Needs Addressed

Is ERP software the one-size-fits-all business improvement puzzle piece?

Every business, every industry has unique software needs. While your ERP system should be fit exclusively for your company, the base ERP software is suited to automate processes in order to stop pains.

Pain: “We have different software for different processes.”

Solution: ERP software allows for an integrated system that fosters faster workflows.

Pain: “Data is difficult to access, and it’s not always accurate.”

Solution: After the data is cleaned up, ERP software provides centralization and easy access for faster, more informed business decisions.

Pain: “Our customers are not receiving responsive, quality service.”

Solution: With centralized data and a streamlined workflow, ERP software enables you to respond more swiftly and assuredly to customer demands.

Pain: “Our operational inefficiencies are creating higher costs.”
Solution: Inefficiencies should be identified and ironed out in the preplanning stage – before implementing new technology. Then, ERP software is able to streamline and allow for more employee production.

There’s A Piece Of Software For That

After you have identified your problem and set the wheels in motion to improve the underlying processes behind it, you should begin evaluating process improvement software solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics offers a suite of business solutions, from customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning to business intelligence reporting and supply chain management.

No matter what process improvement move you want to make, Microsoft Dynamics software is worth considering:

Microsoft Dynamics SL: Allows for more accurate, on-time and on-budget estimates for project-based accounting. Applications are fit for financial and project management, accounting, distribution, payroll and more.

Microsoft Dynamics GP: Allows for faster decisions based on business intelligence, timelier production and shipping schedules, smoother human resources and payroll management, clearer visibility into cash flow and more.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Allows for a real-time view into accounting, finances, supply chain management and day-to-day operations. Also may be hosted in the cloud or via your services.

While the right piece of software ultimately depends on the immediate needs of your business, each piece of ERP software is designed to streamline and connect all facets of your business.

Is A Process Improvement Partner Really Necessary?

The best thing about Microsoft Dynamics is that countless vendors exist to help with your needs. But, most software vendors do only that.

An ERP implementation partner, on the other hand, understands the pains of process improvement and has experience alleviating them. For example, resistance is a major issue in process improvement, but a focus on the proper training and communication garners support and helps onboard your users. The right implementation partner assists with that.

The best thing about choosing the right implementation partner is the experience they bring to the table. The right partner has been through this before with similar businesses in your industry. They know the kinds of challenges that lay ahead and they help you defend against them as you continue to grow your business.

But in order to pave the way for sustainable growth, it all starts with clearly defined process improvement initiatives.

Want to assess the worth of your current ERP implementation partner? Take our online assessment to see whether your partner has you set for success or doomed for failure.


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