Optimize Your Warehouse with a WMS

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Optimize Your Warehouse with a WMS

As the e-commerce industry continues to dominate and disrupt traditional distributors, companies are starting to look for ways to get ahead and optimize the warehouse with a WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Because orders are getting smaller and more frequent and require tighter delivery windows, organizations that can meet rising consumer demands and exceed customer expectations will be best poised to beat out competitors.

To survive in a market dominated by Amazon, distributors like you need access to accurate data, to harness the power of analytics and other advanced supply chain capabilities. Access to this data enables you to deliver a greater product variety, while eliminating excess and obsolete inventory.


The Problem

The increasing number of products available via a growing number of distribution channels has led to distributors facing several supply chain challenges. As customers shop across a wider range of channels using more fulfillment options, they also expect faster free or low-cost shipping.

For mid-sized or smaller companies, that may still be operating a manual or even a paper-based warehouse, they are furthered hampered by:

  • Capacity Constraints – As your business grows and inventory units increase, there is a need to maximize space. The most efficient way to tackle these space constraints is to optimize your current space. By tracking an item’s specific bin location and movement, a WMS can help your business work at optimal storage capacity and maximum space efficiency.
  • Scalability Matters – Adapting to growth can be challenging, especially when if your business is hampered by available warehouse space. A WMS solution should be able to scale with your company’s growth and adapt to meet future requirements.
  • Lack of Visibility – Knowing what SKUs are available, and in what quantities, is possibly the most important metric for warehouse operators. However, in a manual environment, gathering this information for analysis is extremely difficult.


The Solution

A WMS makes tracking inventory and accurately forecasting future demand easier. Implementing a WMS improves process efficiency and eliminates many of the challenges associated with operating a successful warehouse.

Warehouse operators know that keeping warehouse operating costs to a minimum while using JIT stock control methods will have a positive impact on a business’s bottom line. With the right WMS, you can successfully aggregate the data needed to optimize warehouse management.

You can further optimize your warehouse with WMS by:

  • Identifying and eliminating items that don’t sell to save money
  • Using bin locations to save time searching for inventory items
  • Using a barcode scanner saving on labor costs
  • Integrating to common carriers like FedEx & UPS to automate shipping

With multiple WMS solutions available to implement, at Admiral Consulting Group, we advise our clients to choose a standard WMS, which is also customizable to their unique needs. With the Tasklet Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory, this can be easily done and with minimal cost.

tasklet wms

Tasklet WMS is a software application built for Dynamics 365 Business Central to help businesses with their inventory management. The mobile WMS solution from Tasklet is fully supported on Android and even with Windows-embedded handheld devices.

Register for our webinar to learn more: Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV

Tasklet WMS stands out from other WMS options in the following ways:

  • It is customizable for any special processes that your business requires
  • Quick to set up; it can be up and running within 2 working days (16 hours)
  • Easily installed, Tasklet will not result in any downtime, as installation of devices and server can be done remotely
  • It the most user friendly interface which makes work easier for the warehouse worker
  • It’s ready for Business Central and based on an Android platform
  • Offers box picking which allows you to pick for several orders at the same time
  • Offline mode which allows you to perform the most critical processes offline.

dynamics wms tasklet

We understand the value of having access to the metrics that drive your business; it is vital to have the data that aligns your customers with your financial and strategic objectives. Isn’t it time you deployed the right resources to eliminate inventory inaccuracy, sort out segmented supply chain processes and end the use of erroneous manual processes?

As a proven business management software provider, Admiral Consulting Group can help design effective processes and system integration strategies. Our easy-to-use WMS, Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS will help your business eliminate time and resources waste, while optimizing operations.

For more information about Tasklet Factory and how it can optimize your warehouse, join us for a free webinar!

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