When you are evaluating an ERP system sometimes there is just one little function that is crucial to your company, and if you knew the core system could do it, it would be on the shortlist. If you have looked at Microsoft Dynamics GP tools, look again. As of March 2012, Microsoft now offers a free toolkit designed to help Microsoft Dynamics users consolidate and change critical data throughout their entire system, without re-keying data in multiple places. These might just add the functionality your team has been waiting for and is another reason to choose Dynamics GP tools.

Finance Series Tools
Account Modifier/Combiner
Fiscal Period Modifier
Checkbook Modifier
Fixed Asset Modifier
General Ledger Master Record Triggers

Purchase Series Tools
Vendor Modifier
Vendor Combiner
Vendor Name Modifier
Payables Select Checks Combiner
Payables Minimum Check Utility
Payables Management Master Record Triggers
Minimum PO/Receipt Number
1099 Modifier

Sales Series Tools
Territory Modifier
Territory Combiner
Customer Modifier
Customer Combiner
Customer Name Modifier
Salesperson Modifier
Receivables Management Master Record Triggers
Receivables Management Transaction Unapply

Payroll Series
Employee Modifier
Certified Payroll Report

Inventory Tools
Item Reconciler
Item Number Modifier
Item Number Combiner
Item Description Modifier
Inventory Site Modifier
Inventory Site Combiner
Sales Order Processing Customer Item Lookup

System Tools
Database Disabler
Shortcuts Copy
Menu Inquiry Utility

*More Tools Only Available for Dynamics GP 2010 (version 11) or later
SOP PO Number Check
POP Cost Defaulter
Default Add Item POP/SOP
Doc Date Verify
Decimal Place Tool
Update User Date

New Professional Services Tools Now Available Upon Request:
Auto Dim
Auto Post
Detail Payroll Activity Tracking
POP Over Receipt Tolerance
PO Returns
RM Auto Apply
Shipment Notification
SOP Default Per Site Line
SOP Sort Line Items
SOP to POP Line Reordering Utility

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