Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing: What You Need to Know

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing: What You Need to Know

Available as of April 2018, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing adds robust marketing automation functionality to the fully featured Customer Engagement suite. Microsoft is investing heavily in this platform, building out AI and Relationship Insights capability making it a strong competitor to CRM giant Salesforce.

It can be deployed as a standalone solution or, per Microsoft’s preference, in conjunction with the other CRM apps for Sales and Customer Service. As an integrated solution, it really shines allowing marketers and sales people to work hand in hand in the same database automating all marketing processes while supporting the entire customer journey. This sync results in better qualified leads with more timely, personal communication.

The integrated platform allows you to:

  • Easily create and deliver emails with targeted segmentation
  • Manage and monitor campaigns across multiple channels i.e email, LinkedIn and live or online events
  • Create tailored customer journeys, with targeted messaging sent in response to customer interactions
  • Score the responsiveness of each lead, and much more
  • Access powerful reporting tools, easy-to-configure dashboards with KPI’s and eye-catching landing pages

Compared with Mailchimp or Constant Contact

With email remaining one of the best ways to communicate with your audience, it’s important to use the right email marketing platform. Popular options such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact can help businesses automate the sending of emails, tracking open, click-through and opt-out rates.

But these tools are one-dimensional and only have a fixed set of features.

Using Dynamics 365 for Marketing provides much more functionality, allowing users do way more than merely blasting out emails. You no longer need to bounce from platform to platform to get insights necessary for planning business growth. Sales and marketing resources can share the same client database streamlining communication and enabling better customer experiences.

When you deploy the right marketing automation tools, you can convert more leads into customers and help smaller marketing teams deliver better results within their budget.

Ultimately, every business is trying to grow, and Dynamics 365 for Marketing is designed to help you do just that. Available as an app for any device, you can access real time data and make changes to your campaigns anytime, anywhere.

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