The costs associated with owning and staffing a warehouse and maintaining inventory can be high. That’s why many companies rely on 3PLs for order fulfillment, picking, packing and shipping services beyond just storage.

However, when the health of your business depends on effective, accurate and timely order fulfillment, you want as much visibility as possible into what’s happening at your offsite warehouse.

If you’re only getting one report from your 3PLs at the end of the day, you’re unable to make decisions in real time with the most accurate information.

How Your 3PL May Be Hurting You

When a customer calls you to ask about their order and you’re not shipping it, you better have a way to get an answer quickly. For that to happen, you need visibility into your 3PL.

Unfortunately, most 3PLs only supply shipping or inventory data on a day-end basis in a manual fashion. Not having real-time access could cause customer responsiveness to be diminished.

Additionally, order fulfillment is sometimes delayed because you don’t know your 3PL doesn’t have an item in stock. In today’s economy, speed is critical. If your order fulfillment process is regularly delayed, you’re going to have unsatisfied customers.

Gain Greater Visibility Into The Distribution Center

Having synchronized software helps to ensure your customers’ orders are fulfilled in a timely manner and also provides your business with quick access to real-time order information at your 3PL

This synchronization enables your ERP system to stay updated with the latest inventory status, so your business avoids not being able to fulfill an order because you didn’t realize you had inadequate inventory.

You can automate your 3PL/ERP software integration so that real-time inventory levels and other pertinent information is continuously updated, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information.

Let Admiral Help You Get The Visibility Your Business Needs

Admiral Consulting Group knows how to leverage best-of-class software tools to make the order fulfillment process faster and more accurate. We’ll work with you to identify any flaws in your current arrangement with your distribution center and suggest software solutions to solve your challenges.

Improve order accuracy and reduce the manpower needed to achieve perfect order fulfillment. Schedule a free consultation with Admiral today.