Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of business applications that streamline how your manufacturing and distribution organization does business.

With a comprehensive product offering that combines the power of an ERP and CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to:

  • Offer insightful real-time reporting with built in Power BI
  • Track customer engagement
  • Allow quick decision making to boost productivity and profitability
  • Digitally transform businesses to the Microsoft Power platform integrated with familiar tools and cutting-edge technology

At the core of every organization is sales, accounting and marketing. Most businesses also have processes for product or service development and delivery, quality control, manufacturing and human resources.

Organizations managing these business functions in silos suffer from:

  • Task complexity which leads to bottlenecks in business processes
  • Increased cost of operation due to performance of redundant steps
  • Higher incidence of fraud due to poor visibility across processes

For manufacturers and distributors, innovative solutions like Dynamics 365 provide access to applications that can work independently or can be combined to enable complex workflows.


In the manufacturing industry, businesses are constantly faced with transforming operations and improving overall efficiency.

To maintain a competitive advantage, smart manufacturers use a robust business management solution like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365. With fully functional ERP capabilities, manufacturers can optimize their processes and maximize productivity by making better use of business data. With the volume of data generated by Internet of Things technologies, it is crucial that manufacturers have a system to store, manage and analyze. After all, it’s impossible to see the big picture when your data is fragmented across multiple business functions.

But with Dynamics 365’s AI capabilities, manufacturers can extract actionable insights from their data, enabling them make more accurate predictions and take proactive measures.

With greater insight offered into business operations, the suite also enables manufacturers to enhance innovation. By providing access to product, customer, and performance data in real time, manufacturers can innovate, reinvent and quickly react to changes, shortening time to market and improving the customer experience.


In the distribution industry, Dynamics 365 provides a data driven way to analyze information and offer the intelligence to anticipate and respond to customer needs in real time. Using the power of the Microsoft cloud, Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities, alongside other productivity applications.

The resulting business process helps organizations identify top customers and profitable product lines, reduce excess inventory, and partner with clients to extend supply chain visibility.

With connected business processes, every aspect of your sales and operations is optimized and can be tracked and controlled.


The goal of streamlining business processes and implementing workflow is to improve your bottom line. With the increased use of data, analytics, and machine learning, businesses will succeed or fail based on the rate at which they can analyze and act upon the data gathered from all these processes.

At Admiral Consulting Group, we have the experience and knowledge to help you develop operational excellence with flexible, customized and intuitive business software solutions. Our solutions help our clients to:

  • accelerate & improve business processes
  • optimize supply chain operations
  • gather relevant data
  • empower employees
  • gain useful, practical insight and overview into their business.

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