So, you’re embarking on a new technology initiative. Do you have everything you need to guarantee success? Have you developed a detailed software implementation plan? Does it cover every angle of the implementation?

Before you begin, compare your list with some insider advice we’ve collected from the hundreds of implementations we’ve conducted throughout the years. Following these tips could be the difference between a successful implementation and a failed one.

A No-Miss, Must-Follow Software Implementation Methodology

  • Like any other business activity or project, the main objective should be identified and agreed upon by the major stakeholders of the company.
  • Think of planning as a chance to outline paths, forecast, assign responsibilities, and identify potential risks.
  • Planning is not limited to defining project scope, but rather incorporates elements of risk management, resource availability, cost control, quality control and communication management.
  • Following through on execution and prioritizing activities chronologically greatly increases implementation success rates.

Establishing a set methodology at the beginning of any software implementation plan enables consistent delivery, provides visibility and controls costs while remaining on budget.

While any software implementation plan checklist should be defined by your business needs and chosen software solution, there are 15 essential items every checklist must have:

  • Process Definition & Workflow Mapping
  • Fit-Gap Analysis Planning
  • Software System Requirements & Validation
  • Benefits Realization Plan
  • Customization Requirements
  • Budget Preparation
  • Data Migration Planning & Execution
  • Training Needs Assessment (Core Team & End Users)
  • Training Materials Preparation
  • Help Desk & Support
  • Communications Plan
  • Security Profiles Defined
  • Go-Live Checklist
  • Go Or No-Go Assessment
  • Post-Go-Live Audit

Following a checklist like this one helps businesses stay on track throughout planning and implementation. We often see projects run awry when scenarios have been based on guesswork rather than facts.

Any plan is only as good as the research and strategic thinking behind it. In the end, a poorly thought-out plan creates costly setbacks.

The Essential Element Of Fail-Proof Implementation Planning

If you’ve never embarked upon a technology implementation before, partnering with the right software consultant makes a huge difference in your success rate.

A healthy balance of commitment is involved in the best client-partner relationships, which alleviates the burden and stress on your business. The right implementation partner spends quality time inside your company to understand your business needs and wants and to align objectives with expectations. This partner helps you identify risk early on while recognizing potential opportunities – ultimately maximizing the potential of your software implementation plan.

The right partner helps you see past the smaller details and focus on the bigger picture of improving processes and progressing the strategic advantage of your business.

If you’re planning a technology initiative, you need to plan for success. Further your insider knowledge with tips from the pros for successful technology implementation.