Working from home may be a privilege during the COVID-19 crisis but that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Especially if you are used to life in the office, connecting with your colleagues and making sure everyone is on the same page can seem impossible.

It’s hard to stay productive, manage workloads and make the best of this challenging time.

Fortunately, there’s Microsoft Teams.

Schedule meetings organize tasks and collaborate with colleagues. Use video chat to get face time with your managers. Integrate with other Office 365 productivity tools and take this time to lay the foundation for healthy practices that will help you transition to the “next normal.”

How to get started

Setup a space in your home where you can focus with minimal contact with your household. Or you can use the background blur option in the Microsoft Teams to keep your colleagues in the limelight. Always communicate your schedule to your office buddies to avoid overlapping your professional and personal life so your colleagues know when to reach you and make your schedule visible to others in Microsoft Teams. Lastly, and most importantly, as we’re not getting out that much, take ample breaks and get fresh air.

Teams Meetings

We’ll go over few steps to make your collaboration with your colleagues easier:

  • When sending a calendar invite, toggle on the Teams Meeting slider to add a join link in the body of your invite.
  • To improve interaction inside the meeting, share your camera so you can see each other.
  • To ensure inclusiveness, mute yourself when you are not talking, give time to your colleagues to share their ideas, and use the chat window if the meeting is crowded.
  • Remember to record the meeting so anyone who couldn’t make it can get caught up.

How Microsoft Teams can help you stay in touch

Perhaps the thing office workers miss the most is the random chat over coffee or catching up in the hallway. While using Microsoft Teams, be conscious about connecting with your colleagues now, more than ever. Use the chat function to stay in touch and check on your peers. Send a gif to make them smile.

Robust Features

Unlike Zoom, Microsoft Teams can allow up to 250 people in a single meeting and live events can reach up to 10,000 attendees. Add a Teams Meeting to a Teams Channel where you can extend collaboration around a project using shared media such as a SharePoint Online site, OneNote or spreadsheet. Use Teams Chat to create a dialogue and keep everyone on the same page.

Are you interested in deploying Microsoft Teams? Admiral Consulting Group can help with that. Reach out to an Admiral executive today for more information.