Handling Mistakes

Handling Mistakes

While it would be fantastic to somehow never trip up and make a mistake, they do happen – even to managers. Sometimes, managers can have more trouble than general employees when it comes to making mistakes due to the pressures of leading a team or concerns about image. Often this can damage the project and morale, so here’s a common-sense guide to handling any slip ups you’re bound to make sooner or later.

1.) Own the mistake
Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the first thing you should do. Owning a mistake will show your team that you’re willing to see a problem objectively. At this point, your focus should always be on action and progression. Yes, the mistake happened, and you’re sorry for it, but now let’s figure out how to work the issue. Apologizing too much just wastes time, and foremost the goal should be to progress with any given project.

2.) Find the root of the problem
Every mistake happens for a reason, and until you find what that reason is, you’re bound to make the same mistake in the future. After you make a mistake, you should first focus on fixing the problem, but then take a step back to reflect. What can you learn from this mistake? What action or behavior caused it to happen, and how can that be avoided in the future?

3.) Keep at it
Making mistakes is discouraging, and your confidence may take a hit. Even though slipping up now and again is unpleasant, don’t let it discourage you from taking healthy risks. Every mistake is a learning experience, so when treated properly, the more mistakes you make, the more knowledgeable you become. It would be fantastic to never make a mistake, but even more enviable is the employee that makes a mistake and improves because of it.

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