Smart Configurable Software

Integrate & Automate The Smart Way

eOne develops “no code” software solutions for mid-market enterprises which enables them to fit their business systems to their specific business requirement. Our mission is to provide highly configurable and intelligent tools for ERP and CRM that increase efficiency while reducing costs…representing an unprecedented value proposition. eOne is a highly creative and agile team; they like to do things their own way…The Smart Way

SmartConnect is the go-to toolset to integrate anything with Dynamics 365GPNAVCRM,Salesforce, and more.  Handle complex integration requirements.

Deliver integrations in the cloud or on premise — your choice.


PopDock is a self-service BI tool that allows you to display custom reports or dashboards inside Dynamics 365 with data from 60+ outside applications and vice versa. Check out this quick overview video to see how easy it is to get started with a free trial today

Admiral Consulting Group provides proven business software solutions to growth, midsize and small enterprise clients who are evaluating solutions to improve operations management within their organizations. We proudly reccommend eOne​Smart Configurable Software