Everyday your ERP solution collects tons of valuable data.  From items sold to payments received, ERP systems are a data collection powerhouse.  So, you have the data – now what?


Natively the report writers in ERP systems can be enough for some organizations.  However, in other cases there are complexities in your business that make it difficult to get the views you need to make decisions.

These are some of the common challenges we hear about from our clients:

  • Many executives feel that generating reports takes too much time. This is because it’s a task relegated to the IT department, who already have a ton of higher priority tasks to complete. The long wait for IT to generate and return reports, leads to a delay in making critical business decisions.
  • Static reporting using spreadsheets can lead to missed opportunities, as they provide the information you request and nothing more. You end up with only one view of the data. A detailed reporting tool will show how one metric/KPI influences other key metrics.
  • For businesses that use traditional business intelligence tools, they can be complicated to use. In many cases, only a few key individuals in the company know how to use them. This leads to bottlenecks and slows down the reporting process.
  • For executives that travel between regions or telecommute, having access to up-to-date data is critical. But if data stores like an ERP can only be accessed from the office, this hinders a manager’s efficiency and effectiveness.

In a business landscape teeming with CPM (Corporate Performance Management) software solutions, it can be difficult to find the one that meets all your requirements. For some organizations, enterprise level packages like Tableau fit the bill if you have the budget.

Our clients want to know, what’s out there for the rest of us?

Jet Reports – The Best of Both Worlds

There is one tool that bridges this gap; a tool that leverages the best features from Excel automation, and extends it with business reporting elements.

Jet Reports is a suite of smart, flexible financial reporting and business analytics solutions that integrates with the familiar Excel environment.

We know how difficult extracting data from ERP applications can be. But with Jet Reports, you can easily get the business information you need when and where you need it.

It seamlessly integrates with Dynamics NAV/Business Central & GP, giving you access to everything from financial overviews and statements to accurate sales insight in the dashboard.

Jet Reports eliminates common reporting problems in the following ways:

  • With its library of pre-built templates- link, you can get started right away building reports, without the need for coding or programming skills – reducing time and cost.
  • Instead of a general overview, Jet Reports offers access to granular data. It does this by allowing users to ask questions and drill down into the underlying data. The data auto-populates as you slice and dice, giving you the most accurate results for any query. You can use this view to spot trends that can help drive your business forward.
  • Jet Reports is a very user-friendly tool, empowering users to access their data quickly and create their own reports.
  • With Jet Reports, you can explore your data, create dynamic reports, get instant KPIs from dashboards in a web browser or on a mobile device.
  • For organizations with several software systems in their solution stack, Jet offers an Analytics – link package with a powerful data warehouse to bring in data from any number of disparate systems

Business intelligence is ultimately about getting the right data to the right people so that better business decisions can be made. Tools like Jet Reports provide a flexible reporting and analytics solution that can be used for fast and accurate insight.


Whether you are looking for an easier way to do your reporting or require a tool that allows not-very-technical staff to write their own reports, Jet Reports is an attractive software option.

With the ability to fully use existing Excel functionalities including calculation tools and graphical features, you can easily get the most out of your business data. Jet Reports combined with Dynamics ERP offers an easy-to-use, powerful and reliable solution, which puts complex, end-to-end reporting at your fingertips.

For more information on how Jet Reports can provide business clarity, improve productivity and lower business expenses, contact an Admiral rep today.