Forecasting for your business has never mattered more. No one could have predicted the current state of the world, due to the COVID-19 and its effects on budgeting. Obviously, the virus has re-routed a lot of businesses’ futures for at least the next year and it is important to stay organized with upcoming budgeting and forecasting.

Reforecasting budgets and keeping a close eye on revenues and expenses may need to happen more often than expected over the next several months and a budgeting tool like CALUMO can be pivotal.


CALUMO is a powerful business intelligence and corporate performance management platform created by people in finance, for them and their clients. An all-in-one solution offering comprehensive tools for budgeting, forecasting, reporting and planning out the future, CALUMO provides fast and easy to use dashboards and reporting tools. It helps predict the future of your business.


Improving the accuracy of your forecasts is critical, especially now with the unknown future effects of COVID-19. CALUMO’s planning tools help you create a forecast and share it with your colleagues in one click as well as compare past forecasts, actuals, budgets and KPIs. Perks of the forecasting features of CALUMO include:

  • Automated rolling forecasts
  • Top-down and bottom-up forecasting
  • Comparing of forecasts to actuals


CALUMO makes it simple to turn large volumes of data from multiple sources into one singular business model to share with your entire business. Instant results are formed into budgets and reports immediately. All data is made to share on any device. The planning components of CALUMO allow:

  • Easy to store and retrieve data
  • Flexible planning model capabilities
  • Real-time data entry and calculations
  • Streamline planning workflows

Data collection is a premiere highlight of this system. Stored in Microsoft’s industry leading SQL database, once your model is built, an automated email will be sent out to your team and anyone can access results instantly.

CALUMO is a product that makes a world of difference for the future of a business. “Businesses need to be able to re-forecast as quickly as their underlying assumptions change, and they need to be able to disseminate that information to those who can turn it into meaningful action at speed,” says CALUMO’s Managing Director, Dominic Parsons.