Quickbooks vs Dynamics 365 Business Central

QuickBooks vs Dynamics 365 Business Central

To stay competitive in today’s market, it is essential to find a solution that combines ease of integration, a high performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Dynamics ERP Reporting

Dynamics ERP Reporting 101: An Intro to Jet Reports

Everyday your ERP solution collects tons of valuable data.  From items sold to payments received, ERP systems are a data collection powerhouse.

Don't go with Shopify for your B2B eCommerce Store

STOP! Don't go with Shopify for your B2B eCommerce Store

Take a strategic approach to defining your technology stack.

Solving Document Management Challenges with OneDrive

Solving Document Management Challenges with OneDrive

Explore how you can solve document management issues with OneDrive to create a secure environment while maintaining a culture of teamwork and collaboration.


Tips for a Rapid Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Keeping it simple can reduce a lot of stress in life. Well, the same goes for business software implementations. Many failed implementations are the result of trying to accomplish too much in too little time.


Process vs. Discrete Manufacturing: An ERP Software Selection Guide

The most discernible difference between discrete and process manufacturing is the way the product is created. Further reading examines the specific aspects that make process manufacturing ERP Software unique.

Multi-Currency/Inter-Company (MCIC)

Multi-Currency/Inter-Company (MCIC)

Multi-Currency/Inter-Company (MCIC) is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics SL ® that facilitates multi-national organizations doing business and transferring funds between entities with different base currency.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Process Flow

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Process Flow

If you’re considering upgrading to Dynamics NAV or are interested in its capabilities, the first step is to understand how it works.


Admiral Consulting Group and SI Foodware

By combining our many years of industry experience and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution in conjunction with SI Foodware we can help you succeed in achieving your goals for continued business success.


Four Features Offer Stronger Cost Control Management in Dynamics GP

Explore some tips on how you can use Microsoft Dynamics GP’s financial solution to put stronger controls on the many costs essential to growing your business.

Microsoft Cloud

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