When SDi, LLC, the world’s leading provider of specialized equipment for the fire protection and security industries, migrated its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems ton automate credit card processing from the cloud, the company turned to Admiral Consulting Group.

But trailing its successful deployment of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, an enterprise-class ERP platform that runs in the cloud, the company then set sights on streamlining sales and payment processing. Specifically, SDi envisioned automating its laborious manual process, one that relied on PDF quotes being emailed to customers who then had to print, sign, scan, and return forms with credit card payment information back to the sales team. Only problem being, SDi initially opted for a third-party credit card processing software solution, one that simply couldn’t live up to its expectations. At this point, Admiral suggested they look into iSolutions’ credit card processing and collections, which would integrate seamlessly with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

The company was immediately impressed with iSolutions Payments, a Microsoft Partner, because they were offered the opportunity to discuss specific challenges directly with the software developer. iSolutions also committed to implementing a solution within 10 days and promised to work with the company until it delivered on all fronts—instilling the confidence SDi needed to move forward.

iSolutions proved to be precisely what the company wanted in a quote-to-cash process. The sales team could now create and email quotes to customers, who in-turn could click a link to make a secure credit card payment online. And because it’s PCI DSS compliant, internal sales and accounting teams never needed to interact with confidential credit card information. Transactions route back to Business Central to complete the process, from generating a sales order to coordinating shipping and logistics. The new system worked so well that SDi expanded functionality to include a collections process able to extend credit to certain customers and email single statements with multiple invoices.

In the end, iSolutions helped SDi shrink administrative time by half while providing comparable conveniences and efficiencies for its customers. The solution also provides the flexibility needed to integrate with other accounting processes. Read the full case study at CASE STUDY: SDIFIRE- A Simple, Secure Solution for Credit Card Processing. Then contact Admiral Consulting Group to learn more about iSolutions integration for streamlined and efficient credit card processing.