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Operational excellence is an ongoing process, but Admiral defines itself by how we position your business for future and long-term success. From our concerted efforts prior to the start of an engagement and throughout our software implementation process, we accept nothing less than your complete satisfaction and prosperity.

  • Are We The Right Fit?
    You’re never going to achieve operational excellence without the absolute right business software solutions and consultants for your company. Find out if Admiral is right for you.
  • Temperature Checks
    Partner with Admiral, a team passionately committed to ensuring your full satisfaction throughout your engagement – from start to finish.
  • Pricing Select
    Choose the software implementation pricing structure that best suits your business, including fixed-fee or time-and-materials billing, and have flexibility with the level of support you want and need.
  • Satisfaction Security
    Ensure the success of your project and operational excellence with software implementation assurance.
“Admiral has been a great partner to work with over the past 2 years.  They have repeatedly gone out of their way to help our company have a successful implementation of a new ERP system.  This includes spending a lot of time upfront in order to understand our needs and processes so that we selected the right system.  In addition, when issues came up, they always helped us come up with solutions that provided tremendous value for the company.  Most importantly the implementation came in on time and on budget.” 
Amit Nihalani, CFO, Vaswani Inc.

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