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For Reliable & Robust Equipment Tracking

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There was a day when rental software helped you execute efficient processes. Designed for the industry environments of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, however, most rental equipment software no longer affords you the competitive advantage of true operational excellence. Now more than ever, individuals and organizations are renting equipment rather than buying, and your success hinges on your ability to provide them with excellent, efficient service.

Rental Alerts In Real Time

The comprehensive functionality and flexible design of Admiral Consulting Group’s rental software allows for customization based on your unique requirements. And integrated CMMS maintenance software ensures that you expertly manage and maintain your assets, especially if they have different maintenance schedules.

This rental equipment software streamlines your operations by giving you real-time alerts of when equipment is:

  • Returned and immediately available
  • Available but in need of maintenance
  • Unavailable and in need of maintenance
  • Expired

In addition, you’re able to customize preventative maintenance schedules by asset class to ensure the sanctity of your equipment.

Admiral Consulting Group’s rental software solution from Open Door Technology is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the top mid-market finance and operations system in the world. This solution leverages state-of-the-art technology to address your specific needs as an equipment rental company.

Meet Your Customers’ Needs

Even beyond visibility into where your assets are at all times, improving equipment utilization is a matter of optimizing your equipment portfolio to match your customers’ demands. Having the right equipment in the right place is critical to closing a rental sale, yes. But matching your pricing structure to the marketplace is also a large part of your utilization and profitability. With our rental equipment software, you’re equipped to make the necessary process improvements to align with your customers' needs.

Examples Within The Rental Industry

Wondering what types of companies within your industry leverage Admiral Consulting Group’s rental software? The flexibility of our system enables us to create solutions for companies renting:

  • Construction equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Lifting equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Oilfield equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Party rentals

Do More Than Keep Pace

"I have always appreciated the efficient and timely level of detail and accountability that Admiral has demonstrated on each project as well as the way Admiral conducts business on a whole.  I appreciate having a vendor that is right there, helping and doing whatever and whenever needed.  Admiral has been a blessing and an extraordinary extension of our own internal staff." 
Joann Lazarchick, IT Manager, Appliance Dealer Cooperative

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