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Time & Expense

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Operational excellence is sometimes difficult to achieve with basic software alone. Considering the uniqueness and complexity of your company, you may need a tailored and comprehensive system of additional plug-ins and business software solution add-ons to substantially improve business processes

Admiral Consulting Group has developed several operations management solutions that work with other software to create a foolproof system of efficiency.

Time & Expense

T&E Pro is an easy-to-use, Web-based business software solution that supports time-and-expense entry from anywhere across the globe. Automating this process streamlines and fortifies your operations, with the ability to:

  • Enter time and expenses based on any mix of clients, projects or tasks
  • Include specific notes for each activity
  • Automatically notify managers of time or expenses that need their approval
  • Automatically send rejected time and expenses to employee for resolution
  • Manage reporting online
  • Integrate with many of the popular ERP and business software solutions

Build Your Comprehensive Solution

“Admiral has been a great partner to work with over the past 2 years.  They have repeatedly gone out of their way to help our company have a successful implementation of a new ERP system.  This includes spending a lot of time upfront in order to understand our needs and processes so that we selected the right system.  In addition, when issues came up, they always helped us come up with solutions that provided tremendous value for the company.  Most importantly the implementation came in on time and on budget.”
Amit Nihalani, CFO, Vaswani Inc.

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