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eProcurement and eSourcing Platform

    What is OneMoreSource?

    OneMoreSource is a powerful interface that automates the procurement process - saving time and saving money. 

    A web-based B2B platform, OneMoreSource streamlines company purchasing processes for SMB's with an easy to use "yellow pages" style global supplier catalog for each registered user. 

    Procurement made easy

    With OneMoreSource, you can request and compare bids not only by price but also by the offered warranty, delivery, payment, and other custom terms with the integrated and comprehensive offer comparison engine. OneMoreSource will put your current vendors in a competitive environment and help you get the best market conditions.

    Plus, if you're only looking for a market research tool to shortlist the most appropriate vendors and find the best partners – OneMoreSource provides full access to a supplier database with more than 2 million records with around 300,000 companies in North America.


    OneMoreSource enables businesses to:
    • Access an affordable 2 in 1 – e-sourcing and procurement tool based on a global company database with over 2 million companies worldwide
    • Compare proposals not only by price but also by warranty, delivery, payment terms and technical data
    • Improve a wide range of enterprise purchasing procedures including RFI, RFQ, and e-auction
    • Have full archive and data export for each procedure managed by the OneMoreSource platform - boosting transparency of each company purchase
    • Get the maximum savings possible by offering a free subscription for suppliers allowing immediate access by current vendors and any future suppliers 
    See it in action
    See how quickly you can begin taking advantage of efficient e-Procurement, no implementation or configuration neccesary. Check out our live, on-demand demo of OneMoreSource.
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