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Regardless of whether Admiral Consulting Group is providing you with a business management software solution or you’ve already purchased your software from another provider, we are capable of driving your business efficiency and organizational growth with comprehensive business management consulting. Admiral Consulting Group is a Microsoft Dynamics consultant and Acumatica provider that brings value to all aspects of your organization's operations.

Our dynamic expertise, coupled with our ability to listen, comprehend and communicate, enables us to provide deep support that goes beyond the software itself. Regardless of how your goals need to be met, Admiral Consulting Group delivers real knowledge and protects you from poor business decisions. One of those crucial decisions is selecting an ERP or CRM software, which is why our software Test Drive is so valuable.

With the management consulting services of experienced professionals, collaboratively map out your ERP or technology strategies and realize the full potential of your software investment.

Process Review

To achieve operational excellence tomorrow, you need a firm understanding of your business management needs and where your business stands today.

Designed to identify opportunities for business process improvement, Admiral Consulting Group’s Business Process Review includes a systematic, thorough analysis of your people, processes and technology. This information helps us to define:

  • Critical success factors – areas in which you must succeed in order to be successful overall
  • Existing or potential problems or red flags
  • Potential solutions
Upon completing this evaluation, we map out your ideal organizational processes. The solutions that derive from this review help you reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.
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Project Management

To ensure a successful engagement, an Admiral Project Manager is dedicated to delivering your project on time, on budget and with your goals met. This involves ongoing monitoring and control activities to manage:

  • Risks and issues
  • Communications
  • Change requests
  • Quality
  • Project plan updates
  • Tying together all project activities

We pride ourselves on our world-class project management, with experience in some of the most complex software implementation jobs ever undertaken. We verify readiness to proceed at key project milestones, and we know how to manage all aspects of even the most complex software consulting projects. Our software consultants focus on the overall picture, establishing priorities, coordinating activities and organizing participants to ensure quality projects that are delivered on time and on budget.

And to make sure that your engagement is financially successful, we put the power in your hands to determine the way in which you price your project – from a fixed-fee structure to time-and-materials billing.


"Admiral has been a big part of the success of our finance department. Their account managers have recommended great solutions, worked with our third party consultants and help us stream line our accounting process. Support has been tremendous. When we call for help we get easy solutions and I learn a few more tricks as well."

Dan McDonald, Controller, Piping Rock Health Products

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