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Legal Calendaring & Docketing for Outlook

Deadlines. Anywhere. Anytime.

Does your staff manually calculate deadlines?
Are they entering those deadlines into calendars one-at-a-time?

What happens when any attorney leaves or cases get re-assigned? Are attorney calendars cluttered with deadlines that don’t apply? How do you track rule changes?

What impact would rules-based calendaring, automated rule changes, and seamless integration with internal team member Outlook calendars have on you and your organization?


LawToolBox365 provides legal calendaring and docketing for Outlook through a centralized deadline management solution without hand entering deadlines and reminders or ever leaving your Inbox. 


See how it works:


With matter based deadline management, LawToolBox365 offers:

  • Extensive system-wide customization options
  • Mobile device integration
  • Automatic rules-based calendaring
  • Real-time reporting
  • And internal and external sharing capabilities to maximize efficiency and minimize risk for your organization. 

Automate the routine aspects of your legal time, and free up your talented employees to add value where it really matters with the right deadline automation software. 

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How Does LawToolBox365 Improve Business Processes?

Concise deadline descriptions make it possible for litigators to easily know deadlines due on any given day without opening each item. LawToolBox365 is so intuitive and simple to use, anyone can start using it minutes.

3 Key Benefits

  • CALCULATE DEADLINES – Entirely inside Office 365 on a secure enterprise-grade cloud-based platform. 
  • SHARE DEADLINES – Connects all necessary participants with internal and external sharing capabilities. 
  • MANAGE DEADLINES– Merges email management and rules-based calendaring together.

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