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Webinar: 4 Time-Saving Add-Ons for Dynamics SL

Join us as Solomon Cloud Solutions showcases their top products for Microsoft Dynamics SL. In this webinar, learn how to make informed decisions faster, save time, improve communication, collaboration and efficiency with any or all of these products for Dynamics SL:  

  • Email/Text Notifications

    • Want better insight into your Dynamics SL data without having to create a report or search for the information? Schedule Alerts and informational Notifications with more customizability, more delivery options, and a more user-friendly configurable environment than Project Communicator.

  • Salesforce Integration

    • Are your back office and front office teams undertaking redundant data entry? This powerful integration reduces redundant data entry and increases accuracy of information across Sales and Finance. Points of integration include, but are not limited to: Accounts and Customers, Quotes and Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Opportunities and Projects, and product synchronization.    

  • Web Apps ROI Scheduler

    • Put the headaches of Application Server behind you with Web Apps ROI Scheduler for Dynamics SL, no need to worry about scheduled jobs getting lost, no more resetting the computer to restart Application Server and clearing the queue and NO additional machine or license is required. 
  • Web Apps Two-Factor Authentication

    • Two-factor authentication improves security by requiring two steps to verify your identity. For example, users could login to Dynamics SL Web Apps on their computer and then receive a mobile notification to approve access. Two-factor authentication protects against phishing, social engineering and password brute-force attacks and secures your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials. 


Date: Thursday, April 20th

Time: 11:00AM ET - 12:00 PM ET

Duration: One hour

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Webinar: How to Determine Sales Tax Nexus

You’ve probably heard all about nexus. If not, it’s a pretty simple concept: having enough presence in a state that you need to collect sales tax in that state. What’s not so simple to understand is what determines “significant physical presence” in other states. Why? Because most states make their own rules and define presence differently.

SALT expert and former CA State Auditor Steven Cabrera will explain:

  • Which activities create nexus in most states
  • The difference between Origin-based and Destination-based states
  • When you should review your nexus activities
  • How to create a nexus checklist


Date: Tuesday, April 18th

Time: 2:00PM ET - 12:00 PM ET

Duration: One hour

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