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Financial Management Software

For Increased Visibility & Improved Accountability

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Complete visibility into the financial management of yourfinancial_services-microsoft-dynamics organization is imperative. The right financial management software provides a fortified foundation that leverages your employee's skills, equips your team to reach its professional goals, keeps your organization's financial operations and performance on track and helps you realize your potential.


Admiral Consulting Group positions your organization in this competitive direction through efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

Our Solutions Drive Value By:

  • Optimizing financial management
  • Increasing transparency
  • Consolidating diverse systems
  • Enabling a compliant, strategy-focused organization

Bank On Admiral Consulting Group’s Experience

Whether you run a federal, commercial, retail or specialty bank or credit union, we have extensive experience developing the infrastructure you need to strengthen and stabilize your business operations. With superior ERP software, timely reporting, business intelligence, compliance-tracking tools and the ability to consolidate systems into a single, comprehensive solution, you’re equipped to get the proper transparency and insight into your business.

From full-scale financial services providers to specialty insurance firms, Admiral Consulting Group offers a variety of services and solutions to help grow your profitability and market share, including but not limited to:

  • Custom software development
  • Off-site backup and disaster recovery planning
  • Paperless office planning


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Financial Services

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Visualize Your Financial Success

“Admiral has been a big part of the success of our finance department. Their account managers have recommended great solutions, worked with our third party consultants and help us stream line our accounting process. Support has been tremendous. When we call for help we get easy solutions and I learn a few more tricks as well."
Dan McDonald, Controller, Piping Rock Health Products

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