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    When looking to make a lasting business process improvement, the decision between on-site and cloud hosting is a critical one. It involves several important factors.

    Given the effects of globalization and our increasingly mobile environment, your efficiency and productivity are at stake in choosing your SaaS partnership and the cloud. Your unique business requirements, current environment and future goals are all significant aspects.

    • Deployment Experience
      Have you and your team been unusually slow to embrace new technologies, whether because of staff or budgetary constraints?
    • Downtime
      Is one of your primary objectives to eliminate the potential for system interruption?
    • IT Staff
      Is your IT staff stretched thin or unable to stay up to date on the latest technologies and software updates, especially in regards to mobility and remote access?
    • Current Infrastructure
      As you continue to evolve your business and operations technology, are you faced with overhauling your technology infrastructure?
    • Optimization
      Do you have the storage, bandwidth, security, encryption and other IT resources available to best connect your users and systems?
    • Access
      Is your workforce becoming more mobile or global, requiring remote access to your systems?
    • Budget/Timeline
      Is your budget or timeline insufficient to accommodate a six-month to one-year deployment process

    Admiral Consulting Group has partnered with companies of all sizes and from diverse industries to help implement cloud ERP and cloud CRM solutions. Let our experience and expertise help you determine the value of cloud hosting. Whether for ERP, CRM or business productivity applications in the cloud, get the support you need to make a confident, educated decision.

    “It has been a real pleasure working with Admiral Consulting Group. They are professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. When they schedule an on-site visit, they arrive on time and promptly return phone calls. This morning, our email was down. I called Admiral, and they explained what I needed to do. We were up and running with no problem. Now, that's service! I look forward to working with them.”
    Rachel Decker, Hudson Awning

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