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Bakery Software Solutions

Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Whether your bakery is a small family-owned operation or a bakery erp softwaremulti-million dollar corporate entity, Admiral Consulting Group's Bakery Software Division has a solution that handles all aspects of your bakery operation.

Microsoft Dynamics 
Because our bakery software is based on the leading Microsoft Dynamics GP solution, you get the best of both worlds. You get the support, integration, reliability and affordability of a standard solution. At the same time, you get the bakery industry functionality of a niche solution – like serial lot traceability, detailed costing and FDA compliance. 
Soup to Nuts
Get a custom bakery software solution without the custom price. From R&D through Shipment, our software will give your bakery the competitive edge you need. Microsoft Dynamics offers a familiar user experience, ongoing support, upgrades, and easy integration with other programs. It’s software that can grow with you.
  • Accounting and Costing
    • Accurate information about your bakery’s financial performance is absolutely essential - our bakery solution gives you real time insight into your company's position, performance, and profitability.
    • Knowing the true cost of your finished goods is vital to maintaining profitability - our solution takes into account actual raw material/packaging costs, production labor/overhead costs, and packaging labor/overhead costs.
    • Trying to reconcile raw materials costs with current inventory value costs is time-consuming and error-prone - when concocting a new recipe, our bakery software will compute the values online.
  • Recipe Management
    Because our solution tracks recipes in a central database by both recipe and version, it's a snap to find the correct recipe based on user-defined search criteria. This reduces a database of 10,000 recipes to a manageable level. Plus, you can create a new version of a recipe from an existing version—and these new versions can be marked inactive until the lab has approved them for production. Once a recipe version has run its course, it can be archived and also marked for view-only access.
  • Lot Tracking and Compliance
    • Completely automate lot tracking and tracing from the supplier to the retailer - at a moment's notice you'll be able determine where a lot of raw materials is in inventory or in which finished good lots it was used--whether those finish good lots are still in house or if they have already been shipped.
    • Print out or publish to the web Certificates of Analysis for batches and and/or Sales Orders - our solution also supports data acquisition related to food safety requirements. The cost of regulatory compliance can be significant, but the cost of failing to comply can be far higher. An ERP solution that enables your business to respond to external requirements or changing business conditions—and that helps you prove that these requirements have been met—is a critical ingredient for business success in a changing economic climate.
  • Quality Control
    The Admiral Bakery Software solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics stores and tracks all test results by batch and recipe, so you can review test results over time and review the number of tests performed by recipe. This way, recipes requiring higher-than-standard adjustment can be effortlessly identified and the formulas themselves can be reviewed.  Quarantine raw materials until they have passed incoming tests.

  • Purchasing and MRP
    Anticipate raw-material shortages based on a production schedule. Shortages can be calculated by item and day, and can take into account purchase/quality/manufacturing lead times and safety stock, among other attributes. You can routinely review this data and create purchase orders for items and quantities to specified suppliers. Since you have a record of raw material notes by item and receipt, it's simple to evaluate quality and make adjustments to vendor selections accordingly.  Keep inventories at the lowest possible levels and ensure that production delays due to stock outs to not occur.

  • Production Planning and Control
    The master schedule can be made available company-wide, which allows everyone to see completed, in process or delayed batch processes, and make adjustments as necessary. A key differentiator of our bakery software solutions is that manufacturing and accounting data are completely integrated. Batch tickets are maintained in a centralized system based on the information from the master recipes, so all material substitutions or operational changes are reflected in all subsequent batches of the formula.  You can also review safety information, and provide operator instructions.

  • Standing Order Processing

    Easily process recurring sales orders for your customers based on the day of the week. Quantities and SKUs can also vary for holiday periods.  You can preview your standing order batches before committing them to the system.

  • Route Delivery
    Our solution can provide mobile workers with the ability to create sales transactions, manage inventory, plan customer visit schedules and take surveys from any Windows Mobile device.

  • Customer Service
    Superior customer service can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. Retaining satisfied customers effectively and profitably has never been more important. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools, with strong links to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, can deliver the customer satisfaction that builds businesses.

  • Reduction in IT Administration

    Because our bakery solution was specifically designed for bakeries, customization is rarely necessary. And because our solution is based on a leading package, Microsoft Dynamics, you have an endless amount of plug-ins available. Users are self-sufficient, able to run the reports and access the information they need.


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