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The Only Way Your ERP Software Could Fail You

Posted by Admiral on 11/24/14 5:27 PM

There are tons of questions regarding how to maximize ERP software for your business, but many tend to miss the mark. They focus on the software itself rather than on the behind-the-scenes phases necessary for liftoff of ERP implementation efforts across your organization.

Consider these tips for beginning the implementation process in the right place and ensuring that your ERP software is set for success.

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Admiral Interviews Microsoft Dynamics ISV SalesPad at Convergence 2014

Posted by Admiral on 4/15/14 8:06 AM

SalesPad provides applications with improve the efficiency of Dynamics GP for Distribution and Manufacturing clients.


Aaron Sorenson: So we are here at Convergence and we are talking with one of our partners, this is Tim with SalesPad, great to talk to you today.

Tim: Aaron thanks for stopping by.
Aaron Sorenson: You got a great booth, very busy, so maybe first of all you could just tell us a little bit about the company, SalesPad?

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Admiral Consulting Group interviews Dynamics Payroll ISV Greenshades at Convergence 2014

Posted by Admiral on 4/9/14 10:21 AM

Greenshades is a 20 year old software company that writes software that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Their software includes the Greenshades Tax Filing Center and other solutions that makes it much easier to manage your Payroll and HR functions.
Aaron: So we're here at Convergence and I'm talking to Chris with Greenshades thanks very much. First tell us just a little bit about the company Greenshades?
Chris: Yeah, well Greenshades we've been around 20 years now primarily in the dynamics channel. We originally wrote a magnetic media filing solution essentially a TurboTax for businesses designed to work for Great Plains. We wrote customizations initially then the demand sort of kept increasing. So, we essentially went from being an accounting reseller to focusing just as a software vendor, focusing specifically on Microsoft Dynamics. And then ever since then continued from kind of a payroll tax standpoint just making it easier to run payroll tax.
Aaron: Okay. So what are some of the more prominent products that Greenshades offers?
Chris: The Greenshades tax filing center is really our core product really what we started about 20 years ago and in the past 10 years has really come to life quite a bit. So that’s the solution that lives within dynamics but essentially takes all of the reports that dynamics is creating and we produce it in an electronic format that the tax agency wants. So the federal agencies, the local agencies, state agencies. So that’s really the core of what we do. We also do service based solution which is kind of a hybrid between outsourcing payrolls taxes, if you’re running payroll in house and worry about the taxes. If you’re not really willing to outsource the process you can use our payroll tax service that again it’s kind of hybrid helps to track all of the taxes, all the complicated aspects of it and really the user can just go on and press a few buttons to control the process and just make all of those taxes that much easier.
Aaron: So what kind of feedback are you getting from customers? What's the value that your customers are saying that they are getting out of your products?
Chris: Well I mean the value is really there by being able to not have to outsource payroll. So typically speaking like a majority of what we do is around payroll and HR but from a payroll standpoint typically when someone is outsourcing payroll it’s going to be because of the taxes, so people have understandably a lot of concerns about taxes so our goal is to help take away some of the concerns around taxes and allow a user to effectively run payroll in house. And so with some of the licensing changes recently regarding the payroll module in Microsoft Dynamics it’s making that much more affordable for someone to look at using payroll module within dynamics.
So again by helping the client become comfortable with the tax component, taking that off the plate a little bit we're helping users, run their own house ultimately saving the money of outsourcing and offering a more efficient solution. And on top of that we have an employee self-service portal. So, after they process the payroll instead of printing out the direct causal statements they can post all that online and have employees access that information online. Collect timesheets online, have employers fill out some of the new hire paperwork online all of that theme back in the core payroll module and dynamics.
Aaron: Very good. Well, it sounds like you’ve got a great suite of products for the payroll industry and thanks very much for talking with us.
Chris: Thank you.
Admiral Consulting Group, known as one of Microsoft’s best Dynamics Partners in New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania and the East Coast is your Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, NAV and CRM partner of choice.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM unites all of the teams in your organization

Posted by Admiral on 1/27/14 11:52 AM

Marketing, Sales and Customer Service are all on the same team when it comes to your organization. Why not have a technology solution that mirrors your commitment?
Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports your marketing team by:

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