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Is Cloud ERP Or CRM Right For My Business?

Posted by Admiral on 5/4/15 12:30 PM

Cloud ERP and CRM are changing the way thousands of businesses manage their processes and customer relationships. Cloud technology cuts costs, improves flexibility and reduces maintenance burdens.

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3 Reasons To Consider A Cloud Software Solution

Posted by Admiral on 4/27/15 12:30 PM

It’s hard to get by in today’s business world without at least hearing about cloud solutions. ERP, CRM and other major software services are now available via the cloud, and more businesses than ever are ditching on-premise technology in favor of a cloud-based model.

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A Five-Minute Primer On The Cloud

Posted by Admiral on 4/20/15 8:15 AM

Looking to implement a new software solution for your business? If so, you’ve probably encountered “the cloud” in your preliminary research. Not sure what the cloud is and how it helps businesses become more effective and agile? Here’s a quick crash course on the cloud and its key benefits.

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4 Ways In Which Cloud ERP Is Changing Your Business

Posted by Admiral on 4/13/15 1:00 PM

The rise of cloud technologies changed the business world forever. As enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions increasingly move to the cloud, internal roles and systems are shifting to accommodate the cloud’s vastly improved processes.

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