Time to Switch Your Old Accounting Software to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Admiral Microsoft Dynamics GPAre you making excuses why now is not the time to update your accounting or ERP software?  We understand it takes effort, money, and resources that not every company has readily available.  You may have been putting this decision off now for a long time, but in today’s economy those excuses may be costing your business growth opportunities and profits.

Here are five valid reasons why the time for making the switch to Microsoft Dynamics® GP is NOW!

  1. Better Cash Flow- With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you have the ability to better understand and control your cash flow. In QuickBooks or Peachtree, forecasting and reporting features are limited causing time delays and restrictions in cash flow. Collections Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP provides stronger insight to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, making it possible to manage cash flow effectively and keep your company afloat. With Cash Flow Forecast also built into Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can see a calendar view of receivables, payables, and cash flow balance for any given day on the calendar.
  2. Stronger Cost Controls- With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you have insight into true costs throughout your business. For example, Analytical Accounting within GP helps you break down travel costs for a sales representative so you can see the expenses in comparison to the profits from that trip. The GP Landed Cost feature also helps you compare costs with revenue when shipping heavy or international items. Instead of just viewing the amount you paid the vendor, you can see costs associated with shipping, taxes, tariffs, and insurance all-up so you know what was actually spent.
  3. Accelerate Customer Growth- Better views of your customers, greater efficiency of order processing/management,  and improved customer service are just three of the benefits you’ll see, helping you accelerate your customer growth. Microsoft Dynamics GP holds the valuable information you need access to in order to make all of this possible.
  4. Simpler, Smarter Reporting- Out-of-the-box reporting in Microsoft Dynamics GP keeps your initial purchase phase manageable and more importantly, accurate. It includes 220Excel reports and 260 SQL Server reports that link to Business Analyzer. The data in GP is only as good as the users who enter that data, so make sure to start with the basics and leverage the advanced functionality, reporting features, and templates already in Microsoft Dynamics GP. By making things simpler, you’ll have access to smarter reporting in the future.
  5. Now More Affordable than Ever- By taking advantage of Microsoft’s latest ERP offer “Give Me 5,” you can purchase 5 user licenses for $3,000 (that’s a discount of up to 85%!!).  If you combine that with a simple rapid deployment approach (click here to learn about ours), your business can replace a legacy accounting system with Microsoft Dynamics GP, affordably and quickly.  We commonly hear how surprised people are who used to think Microsoft Dynamics GP would  be too expensive.  Now they’re impressed with how attainable and easy it is to purchase and get set up.

How do you know if it’s time to stop making excuses, and switch your accounting software?  In our years of helping businesses who have outgrown QuickBooks or Peachtree, we find two key drivers for change: the need for much better control over financials and inventory and for companies who are expanding.

GAAP Compliance

Compliance controls are much stronger in Microsoft Dynamics GP, including GAAP compliant accounting principles and audit trails. Unlike QuickBooks and Peachtree, you can prevent accidental entries in wrong accounting periods or even years with Microsoft Dynamics GP. QuickBooks and Peachtree allow for manipulation of transactions and results in red flags for auditors. Don’t be caught in a sticky situation with the IRS or your bank, deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP today!

Room to Grow

Microsoft Dynamics GP lends itself to being more reliable and is also able to handle exponential growth for both users and business complexity. We’ve implemented GP for various companies ranging from  single users to hundreds of users. This just goes to show the scalability of this solution. If you’re running more than 10 users in QuickBooks or Peachtree, you’re probably already noticing issues in regard to its functionality and scalability.

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